The Cerenetics Process


The Cerenetics process is simple: you securely upload fMRI scan data to our server, we apply a standard preprocessing pipeline and then analyze the data using our state-of-the-art brain network analysis algorithms. We then generate a report on the patient’s brain function, either relative to a population baseline or relative to an earlier scan of the same patient.

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Conduct your scans on-site and securely upload your fMRI data to our server. These data can be uploaded in NIfTI format. Any metadata of the scan, such as task and amount of time, can be included as well.


Cerenetics parses your data through our preprocessing pipeline. This applies a parcellation to your data and then builds a network model of the brain for each individual.

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The exact function of the brain varies across individuals. Cerenetics analyzes the "make-up" of an individual through the variability of network properties describing the brain. Cerenetics uses a massive database of fMRI scans from healthy individuals to establish a baseline of functional network configurations. Using mathematical operations on the structure and function of the brain, Cerenetics constructs metrics that describe the local and global brain structure of each individual and how they compare to the baseline.


Cerenetics provides a report of clear and concise metrics describing the fMRI scans of each individual.

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